The Tripartite Model

Three words to label ‘what is told’, ‘how it is told’ and ‘on/through what it is told’.In this table (terms following Lowe 2000), ‘Story’ is the ‘what’, the content of the ‘Narrative’. That second block ‘Narrative’ is the ‘how’, the way in which the ‘Story’ is presented. The third block ‘Text’ is the particular medium […]

(My) model for reading

Working on a follow-up post about literary lions, I typed ‘homodiegetic’ (and hot on its heels came ‘extradiegetic’) and in doing so I realised that I’d created another communication problem which required some immediate explication (there about the ‘Narrating-I’). Post production paused for a gaggle of questions about the terminology I was using: ‘Expect the […]